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his is a work interrupted.

At least, somewhat.

I had published this initially in 2017, but other exigencies have drawn my attention and efforts elsewhere.

To the sad detriment of much potential content that has never made it into the blog.

Now, some three years later, I'm reflecting there are a lot of things that have happened with our kitties – and a few changes – and nothing of that recorded.

So, I'm in backfill mode.

The first order of business is to restore all of the content that existed before – blog, articles, gallery. From there, I'll be able to move forward.

That means any new/updated content is going to have to go to the back burner.

Not only is content being reinstated (and will be fully updated in time), but also the technical side is undergoing reimplamentation. This was originally a Wordpress blog, but I've since moved on to other things. This current implementation is done under the auspices of JAMStack. It's much faster, which is always desirable.

Since I'm in the process of reinstating/reconstructing the site, there is still much be done to make the site easier to use/professional. I'll be adding more functionality and capability as I can manage to do it.

I'll likely have a technical rundown, later.

In the interim:

We are currently owned by two cats, Belle and Beau. You can read the details in the articles and the blog entries.

The comment section should be working. Feel free to add your own reflections.

About the Name

Bringing a new entity (aka kitty) into the environment, of course, brings a new dynamic.

Feed Me!!
Feed Me!!

BK (before kitty), I could access the refrigerator or food cabinets without concern. I could plop down on a chair without thinking about it. I could work at a table and lay out my work items without concern that anything untoward would happen to them if I walked away for a few minutes.

Now AK (after kitty), the simple act of opening the refrigerator to pull out some lunch fixings yields fresh drama, commencing with instantaneous little feet on the counter. I have their attention.

"Yowl, yowl, yowl!", and finally, the slam-down, in-the-face, eyes-on-you: "YOWL!!!"

Opening a cabinet door at floor level and forgetting about it will soon lead to the sighting of a tail – black or white – sticking out of it.

("Hmm. What's in here, I wonder? Something for me?")

And, in case one was uninformed, keyboards are for walking on...

I respond to the yowls while I'm prepping some lunch or a snack: "Sorry, this is not for little noir kitties, ok?"

Chorus: "YOWL!!!"

Yeesh. Further: "this for the big alpha kitty!"

Which, of course, didn't stop the yowls, or the in-the-face attention – but did cause a bit of reflection on my part, and a meme to spark. To them I probably am just that: I'm way bigger than they, I control their environment, and, of course, I'm responsible for their food procurement (which makes me the alpha entity, anyway, by default).

"Alpha Cat"

So, yes – that's ultimately what we who own (or are owned by) are to our cats.

And, that's the name of the blog: "One Alpha Cat."

And that's me.

More to come. Quit yowling!